Mercedes Benz Parts Replacement Workshop


Original Mercedes-Benz parts combine Mercedes-Benz’s expertise as a vehicle manufacturer. These parts are customized for each Mercedes-Benz model.

No matter if it is a part for the manufacture of a new vehicle or a spare part, all Mercedes-Benz original parts are produced with the same tools and quality standards. It ensures that your Mercedes-Benz remains a Mercedes-Benz for many years to come.

The Mercedes-Benz genuine oil is the best lubricant for Mercedes-Benz engines. After all, it was designed specifically for a Mercedes-Benz. The benefit is the expertise of the engine designers. As a result, the oil meets all the requirements for a Mercedes-Benz.

For your Mercedes-Benz to remain safe on the road, factory-certified technicians must undergo extensive training and certification. There are many places where you can have your Mercedes-Benz serviced. Why not bring your baby to the professionals who know your car and specialize in both new and old Mercedes-Benz models? Visit iCAR.

We are your source for tires when you need them. For maximum performance and safety, the engineers at this manufacturer recommend Mercedes-Benz tires. We offer a variety of factory-approved options and prices. Make sure you don’t rely on a big box tire center to know what’s best for your Mercedes-Benz. We are knowledgeable and fairly priced. If you drive an AMG® with 20-inch or larger wheels, we have the right equipment that many retailers lack.


It’s common to see folks customizing their model, or at least ordering parts and accessories that they wish to equip. For example, Mercedes Benz offers a range of different packages and opportunities to either add a unique style or perhaps more performance to your vehicle. If there’s specific work you want to be done to your vehicle, such as the addition of a couple of unique parts, we’ll be happy to assist.

Tires are another vital aspect of long-term maintenance and your vehicle’s overall performance. If you need to do a bit of off-roading, we have tires for that. Want to extract the most performance possible from your Mercedes Benz? We have tires that can help you do so. Certain tires can even work to improve fuel economy!

We Offer More Than Just Repairs


Most premium workshops offer a warranty when it comes to genuine parts or OEM parts.

Synthetic oil:

Most local workshops do not use premium oil when repairing your Mercedes Benz. It’s always best to use premium oil, and premium workshops such as ICAR Motorwerkz use Fully-Synthetic oil.

As Mercedes Benz Engine technology advances, so does the demand for engine oil. The requirement for Mercedes Benz engine oil has increased over the years.  Here at ICAR Motorwerkz we are always updated on the latest requirements and remain in compliance with the latest standards.