BMW Repair Workshop

At ICAR Motorwerkz, our technicians have years of automotive experience servicing all types of BMW models.
At ICAR Motorwerkz, our technicians have years of automotive experience servicing all types of BMW models.
At ICAR Motorwerkz, our technicians have years of automotive experience servicing all types of BMW models.

Qualified BMW Service Technicians

At ICAR Motorwerkz, our technicians have years of automotive experience servicing all types of BMW models. We are equipped to provide end-to-end repair solutions for your BMW, crossover, or SUV. Whether your BMW require anything from an oil change, tire replacement, or transmission or engine repairs, you can consider us your one-stop shop in Singapore for all of your BMW service needs. We can also perform sunroof and convertible top repair for BMW drivers who enjoy letting in the sunshine while driving.

Expert car repair companies offer services beyond repairs to engines. BMW repair companies should be able to offer extra services to ensure your vehicle complies with standards. It is important for you to understand that there are other parts of your vehicle that are vital to its operation. Expert technicians in this case use advanced equipment to access these parts and perform the most efficient service. Whether your BMW needs brake repair or auto accessories installed, all you need is a real professional repair service that will offer excellent service quickly.

BMW repair prices vary from company to company. A reputable company should not go over your budget when servicing your vehicle. Cost is also influenced by the quality of the service. A company that offers a low price may not perform repairs properly. Thus, a reputable vehicle repair company provides high-quality services at no additional charge. A reliable BMW repair company, however, will notify you if other problems are found.

When a company values its clients, it goes the extra mile to provide them with better service during a vehicle repair. A reliable company will always keep you informed of the repair’s progress. They also have excellent communication skills to translate complicated automotive repair jargon into straightforward and easy-to-understand language to benefit their customers.

Professional Worksmanship for Your BMW

Our business was founded upon the motto that we could bring customers high-quality BMW service at an affordable price with the care and attention you’ve come to expect from the best in the business. As your BMW dealership alternative, our shop has all of the diagnostic tools and machinery to repair your vehicle to manufacturer standards. Not to mention, we only use the best quality, OEM and dealer manufacturer parts in our repairs. We believe in the quality of our workmanship with a warranty so you can be confident in our service.


Having a premium car like BMW makes you prone to regular servicing, and most buyers of these European cars look for the most reliable services in their town. This article will list why you should look for the most reputable BMW workshop in Singapore. Most European cars in Singapore get repaired by reputable workshops such as ICAR Motorwerkz. ICAR Motorwerkz is a car repairing and maintenance workshop that offers the best equipment, replacement parts, as well as service when it comes to BMW models.

Here are the four reasons why you should opt for a premium workshop:

More convenience is found in a premium BMW workshop

BMW workshops in Singapore are proud to give drivers a one-stop solution. So what does that mean? It means that the BMW workshop in Singapore should be able to meet all of your BMW service needs. Not only do the most reliable reliable BMW workshops know how to keep your premium car in the best shape, but they will give you a full package of facilities in one location. You can also rest assured they have all the parts your car needs.

BMW workshops in Singapore are usually very efficient.

It doesn’t matter how much you bought your car for. You don’t want to empty your pockets to keep it running. Choosing a workshop for your BMW is probably the most effective way to save on long-distance repair and maintenance bills. Every manufacturer in Europe tends to build their cars differently. BMW have a positive reputation when it comes to specialized care. While every mechanic can work on your vehicle, there is a big chance that the complexity of your car’s insides can further damage the car. This is because a novice handles it. When you travel to a premium workshop, you can expect both top-notch quality and affordable maintenance at a fair price. And because you know that the modifications will last a long time, you won’t have to worry about returning to the same concern any time soon.

Only a premium workshop provides authentic parts.

When you buy your BMW directly from a manufacturer, you know that it contains all the original parts. However, if you take your car to a standard service centre, you may not have the same certainty. Many Singapore automobile workshops use generic parts, which typically do not have the same durability or reliability as authentic parts. One of the key reasons drivers prefer a BMW workshop over just any repair shop is that they can count on having genuine parts that are branded and bear the company logo. While some customers may prefer to opt for genuine parts, our customers can also choose from a range of OEM products and aftermarket parts. These may be in different packaging but they offer the same function as genuine parts provided to us. Some OEM parts makers are the ones producing the parts for BMW. Rest assured, we know how to choose the best parts to use on BMW.

They offer the best quality available in the market.

When you take your BMW to a workshop in Singapore, you expect to get the best quality at affordable rates. You can only find these qualities at a genuine premium workshop such as ICAR Motorwerkz. These European vehicles require exceptional technicians for their repair, and only experienced/outstanding technicians are available at these premium workshops such as ICAR Motorwerkz. Experience counts Apart from having specialized equipment, we have experienced mechanics in our workshop who have repaired and maintained a large number of BMW, gathering extensive experience to better service our clients. From small issues like having water trickling noise from your aircon system to the rebuilding of your Engine or Gearbox, rest assured – we got it all covered.

Our BMW Vehicle Services

Includes Some or All of the Following:


  • Check warning and interior lamps and horn
  • Inspect windshield, headlamp and rear window wiper/washer system
  • check function of A/C – Heating system and all other accessories and switches
  • inpect seat belts and locks for damage, twisting and proper function
  • check SRS airbag units for torn cover, obvious damage or attachment of decals
  • check sunroof for function and lubricate if necessary
  • replace Dust Filter if equipped


  • Inspect headlamps and all exterior lamps
  • Clean antenna must replace if necessary windshield wiper insert, adjust washer nozzle, and check condition of headlamp and rear window wiper blade
  • lubricated door hinges, hood, trunk/tailgate and locks
  • Check central locking/double lock check batteries for alarm remote controls in all vehicle master keys Underside of Car
  • Inspect condition, routing, leaks, of components, lines and hoses
  • check and correct fluid level from rear-, front axle and manual transmission check condition of steering mechanical components
  • check condition of front and rear suspension, especially condition of front axle ball joints and lower control arm bushings
  • Inspect driveshaft flex discsInspect half-shaft boots check parking brake cableInspect exhaust system
  • check Rear shock mountings on to replace fuel filter on model up to 1995, or as required by manufacturer
  • replace main diesel filter replace timing belt on engines M10, M20 & M21 (every 4 years or 60,000 miles)
  • Change oil in manual transmission on models up to 1998
  • Replace oil in rear axle on all models up to 1998Change oil in automatic transmission on models up to 1995, without filter – Except Lifetime Oil

Wheels, Tires & Brakes

  • Brake test, parking brake test
  • Check free play of wheel bearing and adjust if needed
  • Check brake pad/disc thickness, check condition of disc, inspect brake cables and brake hoses
  • Inspect tires for correct pressure, damage, condition; record thread depth and retorque wheel bolts

Engine Compartment

  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Replace spark plugs (As required by manufacturer)
  • Replace Intake Air CleanerCheck valve clearances. Adjust as necessary.
  • Check and correct fluid level from power steering, brake and level control systemInspect, routing, leaks, of components, lines and hoses
  • Check cooling system for leak (pressurize) and antifreeze/corrosion protection and report
  • Check battery for correct fixation and electrolyte level and perform battery load testInspect condition and tension of all beltsInspect and lubricate engine throttle linkage and modify if needed
  • Check A/C refrigerant charge and A/C performanceLubricate catch, safety catch and hinges on engine hood
  • Replace Dust Filter (if access from engine compartment)
  • Check Fault Codes and Adaptation Factors and report on special DTC sheet and clear codesCheck O2 sensor operationReset service reminder


Check spare tire for correct pressure