BMW Parts Replacement Workshop

BMW Parts Replacement Workshop
BMW Parts Replacement Workshop
BMW Parts Replacement Workshop

As you make routine plans to our workshop for oil changes and tire rotations, we’ll also suggest to you an estimation of when certain parts need to be replaced. Staying ahead of the curve in terms of automotive care is the best way to ensure lasting performance.

For example, it’s recommended that you replace your brake pads and rotors around every 50000 kilometres. That number can certainly shift depending on the type of model you drive, your driving style, and what you ask of your vehicle on a daily basis. Still, if you come in at 50000 kilometres, we’ll have the exact pads and rotors you need and will be able to get them fitted quickly.

Our parts warehouse is well-stocked, with parts that can fit your exact model, year, and trim level. If we don’t happen to have the right part, we’ll gladly order it for you and install it upon arrival!

A reputable car service company is capable of handling high-end vehicles such as BMWs and Mercedes-Benzes. These vehicles require more than just routine troubleshooting and bodywork. On the basis of the information provided by the customers, highly skilled technicians inspect the vehicles. Since most clients do not understand their cars, car experts use automated diagnostics to pinpoint the problem and save their clients’ time.

Additionally, reliable BWM experts have specialists who have a high level of expertise in motor vehicle repair or service. In this case, you can rely on them to solve your BMW’s problem within a short period of time.

Experts in car repair have enough experience in the field. The mechanics have thousands of hours of experience repairing any BMW model on the market today. They handle all types of engine problems as well as other problems that may arise in your BMW vehicle. A team of employees receives continuous training on new automotive technologies in addition to this experience.

A reputable car repair shop can handle both old and new BMW vehicles. Additionally, reputable shops can provide customers’ references. By doing so, you’ll learn whether the shop provides ultimate customer satisfaction. Typically, customers post online reviews about the company, and this provides a hint as to whether they will handle your BMW or not.


It’s common to see folks customizing their model, or at least ordering parts and accessories that they wish to equip. For example, BMW offers a range of different packages and opportunities to either add a unique style or perhaps more performance to your vehicle. If there’s specific work you want to be done to your vehicle, such as the addition of a couple of unique parts, we’ll be happy to assist.

Tires are another vital aspect of long-term maintenance and your vehicle’s overall performance. If you need to do a bit of off-roading, we have tires for that. Want to extract the most performance possible from your BMW? We have tires that can help you do so. Certain tires can even work to improve fuel economy!

We Offer More Than Just Repairs


Most premium workshops offer a warranty when it comes to genuine parts or OEM parts.

Synthetic oil:

Most local workshops do not use premium oil when repairing your BMW. It’s always best to use premium oil, and premium workshops such as ICAR Motorwerkz use Fully-Synthetic oil.

As BMW Engine technology advances, so does the demand for engine oil. The requirement for BMW engine oil has increased over the years.  Here at ICAR Motorwerkz we are always updated on the latest requirements and remain in compliance with the latest standards.