Servicing  & Maintenance

BMW Service – at any time and no matter where you are.
BMW Service – at any time and no matter where you are.

Our General Servicing Solution

Car servicing is a maintenance that is carried out on a vehicle at a fixed time interval or upon clocking a certain mileage. The details are specified by the manufacturer in the service schedule stated in the manual. Adhering closely to the recommendations will ensure your vehicle perform at optimal situations for a very long time.

At iCar, we ensure your vehicle is well looked after by ensuring all necessary checks and levels are administered. These are but not limited to the following:

  • Engine Servicing, Gearbox Oil Change or Gear Oil Replacement.
  • Engine Oil should be replaced at every 5,000 km or 10,000km interval
  • Gearbox Oil servicing interval 10,000km to 40,000km
  • Gear Oil 10,000km to 40,000 km interval
So how often should you service your vehicle?

The general rule of thumb is to have your vehicle serviced every 10,000km or every six months, whichever comes first. It is also a good practice to have your car serviced every 40,000 kilometers.

Each vehicle will vary depending on different factors, such as:

  • Vehicle’s age
  • Vehicle’s total mileage
  • Service history
  • Emergency breakdown or faults

Drivers who cover long distances daily should visit a workshop more frequently. It is more likely for a vehicle to develop problems the more it is used. Preventative maintenance should be performed accordingly.

To determine how often your vehicle should be serviced, consult the owner’s manual. The manual will only contain general guidelines, and may not reflect your car’s actual usage.

It is still best to consult a reputable professional, since they can provide you with the best advice for your vehicle.

In most cases, brand new cars come with strict service schedules from the dealership, so customers are notified well in advance that their car needs to be serviced.

The decals on most vehicles are also given by the dealership or the workshop, and they indicate the total mileage that the vehicle can clock before it needs to be serviced.

A routine car service typically costs around S$100 or more, depending on the mileage and the services required.

Many workshops offer packages of their services. Depending on the workshop you visit, this can be cheaper and offer additional benefits.

BMW, a well-known brand from Germany, offers service packages for all of its models. Along with the required services, such as oil changes, their service packages also include complimentary car washes!

Some workshops may also have promotions or partnerships with manufacturers. Their prices can be more competitive, resulting in savings for the end-user.